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Are you wondering--How do I prepare for upcoming IEP meetings?

Is it really possible to manage all the tasks and to-dos?


A complete online library of printable and downloadable resources that gives you the tools to become an empowered and organized parent advocate for your child.

Perfect for moms, dads or professional advocates!

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Avoid costly, frustrating, time-consuming, and progress-delaying advocacy mistakes with your child's IEP.


With the IEP Toolkit, you’ll finally feel prepared and ready to take on any IEP meeting and challenges that come your way -- even if you’re a veteran disability parent.

Let's go back...

It's 6 am and the big day has finally come!

After months of watching your child struggle to do their school work, you’ve finally secured the long-awaited IEP meeting to see what options are available for your child. 

Feeling hopeful and ready to show up big for your son or daughter -

You jump in the car and drive down to the school.

Pen and paper in hand... *with a deeeep breath in*

You open the door to the meeting room and -- suddenly -- your optimism turns into overwhelm as you start to question yourself.

Am I even prepared for this meeting?

I keep hearing parents talk about a neuropsych evaluation, do we need one?

Do I need to bring an attorney with me? Or maybe a professional who specializes in these things?


A sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach tells you that this is going to be anything but easy.

The whole ordeal is a *bit* intimidating to say the least.

But you persevere and tell the team all about your child's diagnosis and what you would like to see happen.

What you get back is a completely different story.

It's more testing...

Extra evaluations...

Staff dismissive of your concerns telling you that they should be addressed outside of the meeting so they can get to the goals of the individualized plan.  

A school psychologist, behaviorist, and the head of the special ed department throwing around foreign terms. 

A PWN… What’s an FBA? A BIP what?” You say to yourself as you grow increasingly frustrated and confused. 

After several weeks, and with IEP paperwork and evaluations in hand, you stop and think to yourself:

What happens now?

What exactly am I supposed to do with all this information? 

All you want is your child to receive an education that will help their mind grow and make them a contributing member of society.

Suddenly reality sets in and you realize... It’s going to take a lot of work, research, and effort to understand the confusing IEP world. 

Throw in working a full time, demanding job, and navigating the daily challenges of motherhood and a pandemic -- IEP exhaustion sets in and snaps your once grounded common sense and organizational skills. 

At this point in the process, you need guidance and a hug.

It's true. The IEP process is extensive, complex, and downright confusing.

You feel like you have to have a degree to be able to understand the whole process.

But what if I told you there was a better way of managing the overwhelming IEP system?

An organized approach (the toolkit) backed with my simple 4-step process (the strategy) that allows you to confidently walk into a room with the knowledge and tools you need to get your child the education they need and deserve.




The complete online library of printable and downloadable resources that gives you the tools to become an EMPOWERED and ORGANIZED parent advocate for your child.

Perfect for moms, dads, or professional advocates!

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IEP binder horizontal

Here’s the ONE thing no one up to this point has told you:

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Which means you need someone who’s been through the process before, knows the laws inside and out, and can help get your child the accommodations they deserve.

You need an IEP professional on your side to provide you with a clear path forward.


I want to help you be a Better IEP Advocate.

Over the past decade, I have attended hundreds of IEP and 504 meetings and manifestation hearings. With all kinds of kids and parents and school teams.

And what I've learned is this: Our kids may be very different from each other. But IDEA and the IEP process never changes. It is the same process for every child.

These are the exact tools and thought processes that I use with my paying clients, and I'm making them available to all parents.

When you follow the prescribed IEP process (per IDEA) and have solid documentation, IEP meetings are nothing more than an annual formality.

Most of the heavy lifting gets done before the meeting. These are the tools you need to be an engaged, active participant in the IEP process.

You will have 4 concrete, actionable steps to follow.

And, you can focus on changing your child's outcomes.

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Just imagine... talking to school officials and having the following:



Curated tools for a clear and specific action plan to use for every issue that comes up, so that your IEP team listens to your concerns and takes you seriously. #organized



Resources to determine exactly what your child needs, instruction on how to get the data to support those needs, and directions on how to confidently ask for it to school administration. #progress



A crystal clear understanding of the IEP process and your parent/advocate role that gives YOU the power in that decision-making process. #empowered



Help and guidance to create clear, consistent, and effective communication with your IEP team, so no problem you have gets lost or misinterpreted. #understanding

  • A support network inside our community that you can turn to when the unexpected occurs.
  • Support from other parents who share your same feelings and struggles. 

  • Encouragement from others who share knowledge, passion, and skills. 
  • Insider tips that empower you to successfully advocate for your child to receive his or her IEP testing.

Here is what the IEP Toolkit looks like behind the scenes, if you choose to get the Video Tutorials.

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What Makes My Product Different?

It's so much more than an IEP Binder.

This helps take you one step closer to receiving an IEP that is perfectly adjusted to meet your child's needs.

Sure, other websites offer IEP binders.

But, not many of them are created by someone who is both a parent and an advocate.

Most are put together by the school staff or clinicians.

With this IEP Toolkit, you don't just get a bunch of printables. You get a live community where you can find support and answers to your questions and learn how to get the data on your side -- an invaluable perk to the parent who feels as if the school is turning their heads away from the clear signs that she or he needs extra help.

Plus the best and most helpful IEP advice you'll find online. Thousands of satisfied customers depend on it.

Here is some of what is included:

- Comprehensive-

Complete Library of Resources

It's my complete online library of IEP resources. Get lifetime access as it is updated about every 18 months, based on input from parents like you!

- New this year! -


Data Collection

Are you worried about your child's progress, or even IEP regression? The IEP Toolkit includes worksheets and trackers for you to use to track IEP goals and do your own progress monitoring. Includes pandemic specific tools!

- Be ready -

Prepare for Your IEP Meeting

Nervous about IEP meetings? Feel like you're speaking up, but not being heard? End that--follow my tools and documents and use language that your IEP team will respond to!

  • The 4-Step Transformation: How to develop your IEP strategy. Value $17
  • Keep your IEP "stuff" organized so it doesn't overwhelm you. Binder Parts. Value $17
  • IEPs are Data-Driven--Make sure you're doing it adequately. Parent Concern Letter. Value $17
  • (Concern letter: THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you will do as a parent in the IEP process. Value Priceless)
  • Never be nervous again. How to prepare for an IEP Meeting. Value $17
  • Distance Learning Specific (Homebound or Covid). How to address your concerns homebound. Value $17
  • IEP Goal Tracker for you to monitor your child's progress from year to year. Value $17
  • Thousands of IEP ideas for you to browse and use. IEP development resources. Value $20
  • Parents' Rights Booklet and other resources at your fingertips. IEP Law and regs for all 50 states. Value $17
  • Address Your Distance Learning concerns whether from the pandemic or homebound placement. Value $17
  • Understand and create your vision statement, one of the BEST things you can do! Value $17
  • My personal and curated collection of free e-guides on specific IEP concepts. Value $17

Total Value: $192

Today's Price = $24


A tool that helps get the data on your side and supports what your child needs on their IEP.


Get all the tools you need to be an Effective IEP Team Member.

When you purchase the IEP Toolkit, you will have instant access to all the tools you need to effectively address your IEP concerns. My proven process provides a step-by-step plan for how to address the IEP team in a manner they cannot ignore. And, you'll never wonder what your next step should be.

IEP Binder Organization

It's not just about putting all your IEP stuff in a binder. I use a planned, methodical system that helps you analyze each portion of the IEP, in conjunction with the IEP process outlined by IDEA. You'll be better prepared and more confident at IEP meetings.

Huge Idea Bank!

Over the past 12 years, I can't even count how many times I've heard parents say "I don't know what to ask for." That will no longer be a problem, as this IEP toolkit includes hundreds of ideas for IEP goals, accommodations, strategies, a FAPE guide and more.

Letter Templates and Communication

Having a paper trail is the key to a successful IEP process. I'm including letter templates for you to swipe and use to send to your team. Plus, other worksheets to document communication between you and the IEP team.

Parents Rights Booklet

Yes, we all get a copy of our Procedural Safeguards. But I'm including another copy at the end of this toolkit. Just an added convenience so you don't have to go looking for it.

New for 2023

IEP Data Collection, explained.

Accuracy, data, trials, frequency...and who even is supposed to be collecting IEP data? If you struggle to understand IEP data and progress monitoring, then you will LOVE the newly added section to the toolkit.

18 super short lessons and explanations so you will finally understand your child's IEP data.


*must purchase $20 upgrade to access the IEP Data Collection Section, $24 toolkit + $20 upgrade

Is This an E-Book, Lisa?

This is not an e-book. This is a 200+ page toolkit separated into nine workable sections – plus printable PDFs! Make each section work for you to better advocate for your child. 

Rest assured - No matter what your IEP concern is, you will be able to run it through the 4-step process included in this resource and come out with a concrete strategy to strategically guide your way forward.  

Maybe you’ve been an advocate for some time, and you just want an actual roadmap to follow each time? This is a fantastic resource to do that!

"It is definitely my go-to for guidance and tools, both as a parent of a daughter with a developmental disability and as an advocate in the community"

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Consider What's Possible

In just a few days, you can completely change the IEP Dynamics for your Child.

Here's what that would look like....

  • You will have reviewed and prepared every section of your IEP.
  • You will have a list of IEP Evaluation Areas you want to ask for.
  • You will have IEP goal suggestions for the team.
  • You will have a list of suggestions for strategies, interventions and accommodations.
  • You know what is documented and what isn't, and what disciplines require more data.
  • No More "I don't know what to ask for."
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Video Tutorials for each section.
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Don't IEP Alone (because you don't have to!)


Organize. Define. Communicate. Action.

My trademarked 4-step process to tackling IEPs will be a game-changer.


*sent to an email inbox as a PDF file.

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"I just wanted to say your IEP advice helped us tremendously to stay organized through all the chaos of the process. At first, my son was only on a 504 plan, but with the support of your IEP information and tips, I was able to successfully advocate for my son to receive his IEP testing. This really helped me navigate that process to hold the school personnel accountable and keep me on top of my son’s progress! Thank you!"

 –Kim B, Mother of one with Learning Disability

The Advocacy Answer for Parents

The IEP Toolkit has all the tools you need to be an engaged, informed advocate and member of your child's IEP team.

I've helped 3,000+ of parents over the past decade. And you know what? Our kids are different, but the IEP Process never changes.

And, I've broken it down into 4 sequential, actionable steps for you to follow.

The end result? You get the data on your side.

"The IEP Toolkit helped me to be on even footing with the IEP teams for both of my sons. It didn't just help me stay organized. I was able to review what was working and what wasn't, and it also lets me plan for the future. An added bonus was that I looked professional when bringing it with me so my concerns were taken seriously."

 –Mayra Z., Mom to two Autistic Children

Gain a Confident Ally in the IEP Process

There comes a time in every IEP parent’s life when he has to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your child's education experience for the better by digging in and being the best IEP advocate you can be. 

I know what it’s like.

When Kevin was a baby, I spent a lot of time just thinking about it.

I purchased a lot of books on the topic. I even attended school district training sessions. 

Problem was...

I really didn't know what I didn't know. Oh sure, all the IEP manuals and guides stacking up on my bookshelf and hard drive made it look like I was serious. All the charges on my Visa bill made me look pretty serious. But I never took any serious action.

Problem is, I thought I was taking action.

I dabbled.

I did things like stepping out of my comfort zone and speaking up at meetings.

And I would email my team, assuming they would follow through. Yet I never got serious enough about it to really understand my rights and the IEP process defined by IDEA. 

But then something happened that rocked me to my very core. And maybe you can relate to this…

One day it seemed like everything was fine. I was just going through life with two toddlers. Then suddenly, I was knee-deep in the Kindergarten Transition process. (and Kevin had just turned 4!)

I can’t even begin to tell you how those meetings shocked me.

It really was the proverbial wake up call when the LEA said "We appreciate your input Mrs. Lightner, but we will not be making any changes to this IEP today."

Because suddenly I realized I had to get better IEP meeting results or Kevin was going to end up in a placement that I loathed... and one that was really inappropriate for him. 

You can bet I got serious really quick.

I stopped messing around. I stopped dabbling.

And I started learning my parental rights and how to leverage the IEP process in my favor. 

It wasn’t always easy.

I quickly found out the learning curve is steep when you’re trying to learn about IEPs. 

But I did it. In just about a year, I went from completely stressing about what his placement would be to a desirable placement. And, that was kindergarten -- he's in 11th grade now and still in the same placement.


"... the school acknowledged the missing elements and put a lot of them in place."

"It felt so empowering to walk into my son's annual IEP with everything laid out and organized so well, as well as having notes written up and pertinent information at my fingertips. Our team was pleased too!"

 –Patty H., Mom of 2, one with disabilities transitioning to Middle School

This is all wonderful, Lisa, you may be thinking. But how do you know for certain that I need this toolkit?

🆇 You don’t feel heard 🆇

🆇 You don’t feel listened to 🆇

🆇 And you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere with your child 🆇

And it often plays out like this:

Lack of progress

Your child isn’t making progress in school as he or she should (or maybe you don’t even know what “progress” really looks like). It’s like feeling your way through the dark.

Confused by the data

You don’t know how to interpret the data (or how to make it work FOR you). It’s like reading Latin instead of clearly guiding your next step forward.

Unsure of what to do

You’re not sure how to ask for help (or know what to even ask for). You just know your child is struggling and is behind their peers and they can’t read.

It’s like you’ve been put thrust into a process that feels like entering a dark room… and no one’s turned on the lights.

"I think your templates for how to write a parents concern letter for inclusion on an IEP is so important. I was able to get my child into one of New York's state-approved private schools after a near two year battle with the NYC Dept. Of Education. I achieved this without attorney representation. I was represented by an attorney for two academic years- not once did the attorney advise me to submit a parent concern letter for inclusion in the IEP. "

 –Erma P.

Answers. Tools. Support.

Find Your Power, Faster.

My complete library of IEP Tools and Resources is there to keep you organized. It will serve you faithfully over the years and has a proven track record of success. Join over 3,000+ parents and grab your toolkit today!

Only $24

"You probably get this a lot but I felt that it was still worth saying. I think you are so AMAZING! I’m the mother of a beautiful boy on the spectrum who is currently being assessed for special education preschool. I read your articles and I love your website. I just can’t thank you enough for the work that you do. I’m in tears writing this! I’d be lost without you. Seriously, a million times thank you! I am forever grateful to have you as a resource."

 –Lauren R.


Listen to what my friend and neighbor says about this...

TRUE STORY from my friend and neighbor, Anne: "I have listened to Lisa's talks and used her advice for years. Last year, I did specifically what she said, followed her letter templates, and sent it to my IEP team. I swear, they all sat up straighter in their chairs! They knew I meant business and my daughter's IEP got the needed changes."

Jamie A

"I was brand new to the whole IEP process. I had absolutely no idea where to begin. Being able to have all my daughter's educational paperwork all together in a binder is such a lifesaver! "

Berlyn M

"Your product helped me in many ways but to be honest, the biggest role it played in me helping my son was that I didn’t know ANYTHING about IEPs at the time. Therefore, I didn’t know anything was required, that I had rights and that I played a key role in the process. Because of the organizer (and the questions it helped me generate), I went from being a mom whose son never even had an IEP to a mom whose son was approved for a nonpublic school that can meet his needs. I went from being a total rookie to an all star."

Divided by Section to Meet Your IEP Needs

"I am Mom to one son with ADHD and Mild Intellectual Disability. This helped me to learn how to keep track of my son's changing needs and changing IEP plans. It is an awesome tool for staying organized for follow up questions I may need to pose to the IEP team."

 –Cindi M.

What is a Better IEP Worth to you?

The IEP Toolkit was first developed in 2015, by me, a Special Education Advocate and IEP Parent myself.

Since then, it has gone through several revisions, each time with a focus group of parents like you.

I want to make the IEP Process easier for parents and this toolkit will help get you there. Parents who have purchased it before participate in my focus groups and together we make it better and better with each revision.

If you are an IEP parent, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

May I ask one question before we depart and go our separate ways?

Let me ask you a question before we depart and go our separate ways… 

If you only got a clear strategy that shows you *exactly* how to get the data on your side to demonstrate what your child needs on their IEP – would it be worth this small investment?

If you said ‘yes’ add the toolkit to your cart today. 


Due to the format of this product, there are no refunds on the IEP Toolkit. Please know that it is designed for parents, not teachers.