Tired of hearing... "His grades are fine."

"Yeah, this is working"

"He's making progress...."

... when you know they're not?

To the stressed out parent tired of getting the runaround from

your school district when it comes to their child’s IEP…

What if I handed you the key to unlocking the outcome you want from your next IEP meeting?

The Don’t IEP Alone Academy is a comprehensive 4-part resource designed to help you better understand and utilize your role as a parent/advocate so

you can improve your chances of getting a "YES!" from your team! 

Avoid costly, frustrating, time-consuming, and progress-delaying advocacy mistakes with your child's IEP.

Get to a "YES!" for your IEP request

No tears, fears, or feelings of hopelessness.

*Led by an experienced parent, award-winning advocate, and one of the nation’s leading IEP experts, Lisa Lightner (yours truly 😉).

So you're trying to navigate all this individualized education program stuff, huh?

I'm going to show you how to eliminate objections and resistance in the IEP process.

Because if I can get to yes for my child... Help others get to yes for their children...

Then I can help YOU get to 'yes' too.

But first, picture this -


The IEP meeting had just ended. 

That went pretty well” you confidently say to yourself walking towards the school parking lot. 

There was a thorough discussion of the ins and outs of your child's disability…

A roundtable conversation about academic modifications, appropriate breaks, and redirects… 

Schedule changes were discussed and observed…

You spoke up and voiced your concerns, opinions, and recommendations to the staff and they seemed to be attentive to your needs. 

That is... until you received a copy of the new IEP a few days later.

As you sat back and read over the new document you couldn’t believe your eyes. 

Absolutely NOTHING (... and I mean nothing) you agreed to was on the IEP. 

> No modifications to tests and homework (which you specifically asked for)

> No language regarding sensory breaks (which you strongly advocated for)

> Nothing regarding changes to your child's schedule (which you directly requested)

"That's it!" you burst out in anger, "I'm going down to the school again and discussing this with the staff."

But when you arrive at the administrative office the next day to voice your concerns, the SPED supervisor tells you,

I wasn’t aware of that agreement, I’ll have to look into that when I have time next week.”

Desperate for answers, you whip out your child's IEP and tell him to take another look. And instead of engaging with you further he says, “I’m going to need to speak with my other supervisor after her meeting to see what’s going on.”

As you walk away without any answers once again, you sigh to yourself, "How could I be so naïve."

* buries face in hands *

All you want is for your child to get the services they need, get the education they deserve, and create a safe environment for them and the rest of the classroom.

Instead, you're feeling shrugged off, steamrolled, and gaslit.

With the lack of changes… despite speaking up.

The bullying and anxiety your child experiences… despite voicing your concerns.

And the school's lack of refusal to do... well, anything.

You begin to wonder if all of the fight is even worth it and seriously begin to contemplate pulling them from the system altogether and homeschooling. 

You see other parents at local get-togethers and inside Facebook groups get the accommodations they need for their child.

But you're still stuck and frustrated, wondering...

How can I get my team to listen to me - and what separates a yes from a no?


From one IEP parent to another - Can we have a real conversion for a minute?

Speaking up for your child at these meetings is just one very small part of the entire process.

In order to get the results you want AND the outcome your child deserves, you need:

One part strategy


One part paper trail

... and how exactly do I know?

I've made it my life's mission to give parents and advocates like you the resources you need to make a more informed decision regarding their child with disabilities and their IEP. 

And now, I'm taking everything I've learned and turning it into a resource you can use inside this revolutionary new program.

Imagine having...

The tools for staying organized in case you have any follow-up questions you need to pose to staff.

A starting point and a guide to get exactly where you need to be - fast.

A lifetime of professional skills, training, and guidance for navigating the local school system and national laws.

List of Modules in Training Library

New Sessions are added all the time, based on feedback from current participants.


Develop an Advocacy Strategy

7 Modules to teach you my exclusive trademarked 4-step process to IEPs.

  • Organize
  • Define
  • Communicate
  • Follow Up


Deep Dives in Special Education Topics

  • Understanding IEP Progress Monitoring, for Parents
  • Overview: IEP Transition to Adulthood
  • How to Write Meaningful IEP Goals
  • Understanding IEP Evaluations, for Parents
  • How to Make Sense of your Evaluation Reports
  • The Preschool to Kindergarten IEP Transition
  • What Parents Should Know about ESY-Extended School Year
  • Homework: Considerations for IEP Students
  • IEP Placement Decisions, explained.
  • Disability Eligibility Categories and Special Factors: Does it matter which box is checked?
  • Your Parental Rights/Procedural Safeguards, explained.
  • Assistive Technology, AAC and Your IEP
  • Why Your IEP Needs a Vision Statement, and how to create one.
  • All Things Behavior and IEPs, including FBA and BIP.
  • Student Discipline, Rights and IEPs/504s
  • Using Official (and impactful!) Language and Wording in your Communication to the School.
  • Aides, Paraprofessionals and Your IEP
  • LRE-Least Restrictive Environment and your IEP
  • Understand the Official IEP Forms we Sign.
  • IDEA, Special Education Laws and Supreme Court Cases
  • What are IEP Educational Surrogates? And how to become one.
  • What to Know About Middle and High School IEPs.
  • Transition Workshop 1: What IDEA Says
  • Transition Workshop 2: Evaluations and More
  • Transition Workshop 3: IEP Transition Goals and Supports
  • Transition Workshop 4: Overcoming IEP Team Hurdles
  • Transition Workshop 5: Adult Services
  • When your IEP Team Wants to Remove Services
  • School Refusal, School Avoidance and Shortened Days and Weeks
  • What to Do When Your IEP Child is Being Bullied.
  • Getting Involved in Lobbying Session 1
  • Getting Involved in Lobbying Session 2
  • IEPs Post Pandemic--What Now?
  • Should you Secure Private Services?
  • When the IEP isn't Being Followed


Professional Advocacy

  • Getting Started in Professional Advocacy
  • How to Set your Advocacy Prices
  • Tips to Onboard New IEP/504 Clients
  • IEP Record Review Worksheets
  • Advertising your IEP Advocacy Business
  • Time Management and Burnout Tips for Professional Advocates
  • Talking about Money with your IEP Clients
  • How to Deal with Difficult Clients and Difficult IEP Teams
  • Intangible Skills Needed for Special Education Advocacy
  • Are you ready to Open your Advocacy Business?
  • Advocates, Should You Work for Free? When? How often?
  • Attorney Chat: How do advocates know when a client is ready for an attorney?
  • Attorney Chat: What is due process really like?
  • Attorney Chat: Talking about "Pro Se" in due process (going without an attorney)
  • Disability Policy Director for a US Senator talking about contacting legislators

One Low Price

You get all of the above and more for one low price. FOR A LIFETIME. Live chats are an additional fee, but that is also lifetime access.

If you’re ready to stop feeling in over your head or hearing "no" all.of.the.time (despite speaking up and attending meetings)

- AND -

You're ready to go beyond what basic websites and blogs teach you and truly navigate the IEP process... then I personally invite you to join me and hundreds of other parents inside of the:

  • The 4-Step Transformation: How to develop your IEP strategy. Value $17
  • Data and Documentation. Understand why a solid paper trail is so important to the IEP process and how to do a thorough record review. Value $97
  • 20-minute in-depth video tutorial with further explanation on gathering data. Explanation of companion documents and worksheets for participants.Value $97
  • Define what a FAPE is, understand the 6 principles of special education, plus know what you can ask for, for your child and if you have the data to support it. Value $97
  • Transition Workshop Series: Learn how to successfully navigate this important time with your IEP. Value $497
  • Live Chats with Attorneys: How do I put a value on that? Attorneys' fees are $300+ an hour and up!aAttlue $97
  • Understand the PWN and why it needs to be paired with a solid letter(s). .. it's a path to YES for your IEP team. Value $97
  • The School's actions (not ours). What to do when waiting for the school's response; how to not delay any additional evaluations; and, what to do AFTER the IEP meeting. Also, discover what are the procedural differences between a full new IEP vs. changes and revisions. Value $117
  • Dispute Resolution. Learn all about the various dispute resolution options and how to access them. Value $117
  • IEP Complaint options. Learn the various IEP complaint options, how to access them, and how to bring them forward to your school. Value $117
  • Interactive virtual support via private chat boards. Weekly live Q&A sessions held on Zoom for an additional charge. Value $1500

Total Value: $1500

Today's Price = $297

^ For what you'd pay to hire an advocate for a few hours you're going to have this lifetime of knowledge & access

*Live Chats and Live Q&A sessions additional charge-information available at checkout.

Hello, I'm Lisa!

I want to help you be a Better IEP Advocate.

Over the past decade, I have attended hundreds of IEP and 504 meetings and manifestation hearings. With all kinds of kids and parents and school teams.

And what I've learned is this: Our kids may be very different from each other. But IDEA and the IEP process never changes. It is the same process for every child.

This exclusive academy contains the exact framework, resources, and tools that I use with my paying clients -- and now, I'm making them available to all parents.

When you follow the prescribed IEP process (per IDEA) and have solid documentation, IEP meetings are nothing more than an annual formality.

I want to provide you with comprehensive lessons to expertly guide you and provide new ideas to use in your advocacy. Plus, the camaraderie of LIVE virtual chats and private chat boards keeps you encouraged, motivated, and informed, so you're never left questioning or alone in the process.

Master the IEP process AND get a path to "YES!" faster using my simple 4 Step Process.

Complete the pre-recorded Academy sessions at your own pace and bring all your questions to the weekly live Q&A sessions!



In video 1 you'll understand why a solid paper trail is so important in the IEP process and how to do a thorough record review. Also, an explanation of documents, worksheets and relevant laws.



In video 2 you'll define what the FAPE is so you know exactly what you can ask for, for your child and if you have the data to support it.



In videos 3-4 discover how to effectively communicate your Ask to your IEP team. And understand the importance of the PWN and pairing it with a solid parent letter.



In videos 5-7 learn all the various dispute resolution options and how to access them. Plus, discover all about IEP complaint options and how to access them.

And then...there are DOZENS of DEEP DIVE topics in the training library. 88 in all! At your own pace, learn more about the topics important to you, such as Behavior Plans, IEP Transition, when your team isn't implementing the IEP, and much more.

"I thought I was really good after IEPing for 10 years, but you opened up my understanding in ways I didn't even think possible." ~Caroline

"You have a unique ability to explain things in a language that I can understand!" -Missy

A no-holds-barred approach to IEPs that you've always wanted!

  • A support network inside our community that you can turn to when the unexpected occurs.
  • Support from other parents who share your same feelings and struggles. 

  • Encouragement from others who share knowledge, passion, and skills. 
  • Insider tips that empower you to successfully advocate for your child to receive his or her IEP testing.

I'll help you MASTER the IEP PROCESS so that In just a few weeks, you can develop the skills and systems that will take you from stressed and overwhelmed by IEPs to calm and in control.

Yes! I want to feel more organized and in control

Honest, straightforward, and (the best part) easy-to-understand IEP information you can implement right away.

For both parent advocates and professional advocates (or those who wish to be!)

advocate compliment on course

What Makes My Academy Different?

Simply put, there's no other program like it on the market.

This signature resource helps shortcut the typically long, painful and drawn out IEP process while simultaneously equipping you with a lifetime of precious advocacy skills you can use for your own child -- or to advocate for others.

Sure, other websites offer IEP training.

But, not many of them are created by someone who is both a parent and an advocate.

Most resources are put together by the school staff or clinicians.

With this IEP Academy, you don't just get a bunch of hard-to-understand, dry, and impersonal information (boring!) You get me teaching you everything I know, plus a live community where you can find support and answers to your most pressing questions and learn how to get to a "YES!" faster.

Plus the best and most helpful IEP advice you'll find online, literally thousands of satisfied customers depend on it.

Here is some of what is included:

- Complete -

Complete Library of Resources

It's my complete academy of IEP resources. Get lifetime access and it is updated frequently, based on input from parents like you!

- New this year! -


IEP Data Collection

Are you worried about your child's progress, or even IEP regression? New for 2024: An entire module dedicated to understanding IEP Data Collection.

- Be Ready -

Prepare for Your IEP Meeting

Nervous about IEP meetings? Feel like you're speaking up, but not being heard? End that--follow my tools and documents and use language that your IEP team will respond to!

Enroll Today!
  • The 4-Step Transformation: How to develop your IEP strategy. Value $17
  • Data and Documentation. Understand why a solid paper trail is so important to the IEP process and how to do a thorough record review. Value $97
  • 20-minute in-depth video tutorial with further explanation on gathering data. Explanation of companion documents and worksheets for participants.Value $97
  • Define what a FAPE is, understand the 6 principles of special education, plus know what you can ask for, for your child and if you have the data to support it. Value $97
  • NEW THIS YEAR: 3 (so far!) recorded sessions with attorneys, including what Due Process is really like. Value $1000
  • How to effectively get to work communicating your ASK to your IEP team: putting all your data and concerns into official documentation. Value $97
  • Understand the PWN and why it needs to be paired with a solid letter(s). .. it's a path to YES for your IEP team. Value $97
  • The School's actions: What to do when waiting for the school's response; how to not delay any additional evaluations. Also, discover what are the procedural differences between a full new IEP vs. changes and revisions. Value $117
  • Dispute Resolution. Learn all about the various dispute resolution options and how to access them. Value $117
  • IEP Complaint options. Learn the various IEP complaint options, how to access them, and how to bring them forward to your school. Value $117
  • During the school year, weekly live chats, Q&As and sessions with professional advocates and attorneys. Value $1500 (what would 5-10 hours with an advocate or attorney cost?)

Total Value: $3500

Today's Price = $297

*Weekly Live Chats are an additional charge.


A tool that helps provide a clear path to "YES!"


Get all the tools you need to master the IEP process.

When you purchase the Don't IEP Alone Academy, you will have instant access to all the tools you need to master the process AND better your chances of getting a "YES!" from your IEP team. My proven process provides a step-by-step plan for how to address the IEP team in a manner they cannot ignore. And, you'll never wonder what your next step should be.

IEP Welcome and Introduction

I'll get you off on the right foot and give a 30-thousand foot overview of everything you'll be discovering inside the program during the welcome video - to include an overview of my 4-Step process and what to expect from the course.

Documentation & Papertrail, Record Review

Let's dig in! Session 1 starts with all things data and documentation. We'll discuss why records and paperwork is SO important, what constitutes a student record, how to do a record review, and learn about relevant laws. Plus, a video tutorial with further explanation on gathering data and creating your all-important papertrail.

Next Lesson    

Breaking up that "Gut Feeling" with Data

Discover how your record review tells a story and understand needs versus documented needs (yes, there's an important difference). Plus, learn to clearly define what you're going to ask for using my six step "if-then" scenarios and how to look at your lighthouse of due process and graduation outcomes.


You've defined it, now it's time to ask for it. Discover how to put all of your data and concerns into communication. We'll discuss the "Parent Concerns Letter", go over the length of the letter, what to put inside, and how to frame it to get results and move the needle forward quickly.


We'll go over all of the possible actions you can take based on the school's response to your official written ask. How to not delay any additional evaluations, and what to do AFTER the IEP meeting. Also, discover what are the procedural differences between a full new IEP vs. changes and revisions.

Consider What's Possible

In just a few days, you can completely change the IEP dynamics for your child AND team.

Here's what that would look like....

  • You will have reviewed and prepared every section of your IEP.
  • You will have a list of IEP Evaluation Areas you want to ask for.
  • You will have IEP goal suggestions for the team.
  • You will have a list of suggestions for strategies, interventions and accommodations.
  • You know what is documented and what isn't, and what disciplines require more data.
  • No More "I don't know what to ask for."
Get Lifetime Access for a Fraction of what it could cost >>

Is This an E-Book, Lisa?

This is not an e-book. This Academy is separated into 4 separate course modules. The core content, my advocacy strategy, is a series of 7 videos that can be completed in a weekend.

After that, what you complete and when is completely up to you. But you'll have almost 100 deep dive modules to choose from, training from attorneys, and more. This is a steal at $297.

Rest assured - No matter your IEP concern, you can run it through the 4-step process included in this resource and develop a concrete strategy to guide your way forward strategically.  And if you run into issues or questions, I'm here to answer them during the question-and-answer timeframe.

Maybe you’ve been an advocate for some time and want an actual roadmap for each student you help. This is a fantastic resource for doing that!

And while I don't want to overwhelm anyone, there are over 90 videos in the training library. Explore Deep Dive sessions on everything from Behavior to IEP Transition and so much more.

"But I am advocating and speaking up in meetings, Lisa" you may be thinking.

Do I still need to enroll in the Academy? Yes, if...

🆇 You don't know how to use the process or documentation to your child's advantage 🆇

🆇 You don’t understand how important the data and documentation is 🆇

🆇 You speak up at meetings but get nowhere 🆇

🆇 You don’t have a paper trail 🆇

And it often plays out like this:

Speaking up in meeting but lacking any real progress

Your child isn’t making progress in school as he or she should (or maybe you don’t even know what “progress” really looks like). It’s like feeling your way through the dark.

Reading data but feeling confused and overwhelmed by it all

You don’t know how to interpret the data (or how to make it work FOR you). It’s like reading Latin instead of clearly guiding your next step forward.

You know your child is struggling but still unsure of exactly what to do

You’re not sure how to ask for help (or know what to even ask for). You just know your child is struggling and is behind their peers and they can’t read.

"It is definitely my go-to for guidance and tools, both as a parent of a daughter with a developmental disability and as an advocate in the community" ~Christina R, Professional Advocate

Don't IEP Alone (because you don't have to!)


Organize. Define. Communicate. Action.

My trademarked 4-step process to tackling IEPs will be a game-changer.

Start Your Advocacy Journey Now

"I just wanted to say your IEP advice helped us tremendously to stay organized through all the chaos of the process. At first, my son was only on a 504 plan, but with the support of your IEP information and tips, I was able to successfully advocate for my son to receive his IEP testing. This really helped me navigate that process to hold the school personnel accountable and keep me on top of my son’s progress! Thank you!"

 –Kim B, Mother of one with Learning Disability

Gain a Confident Ally in the IEP Process

There comes a time in every IEP parent’s life when he has to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your child's education experience for the better by digging in and being the best IEP advocate you can be. 

I know what it’s like.

When Kevin was a baby, I spent a lot of time just thinking about it.

I purchased a lot of books on the topic. I even attended school district training sessions. 

Problem was...

I didn't know what I didn't know. Oh sure, all the IEP manuals and guides stacking up on my bookshelf and hard drive made it look like I was serious.

Problem is, I thought I was taking action.

I dabbled.

I did things like step out of my comfort zone and speak up at meetings.

And I would email my team, assuming they would follow through. Yet I never got serious enough about it to really understand my rights and the IEP process defined by IDEA. 

But then, something happened that rocked me to my very core. And maybe you can relate to this…

One day, it seemed like everything was fine. I was going through life with two toddlers. Then, suddenly, I was knee-deep in the kindergarten Transition process. (and Kevin had just turned 4!)

I can’t even begin to tell you how those meetings shocked me.

It really was the proverbial wake-up call when the LEA said, "We appreciate your input, Mrs. Lightner, but we will not be making any changes to this IEP today."

Suddenly, I realized I had to get better IEP meeting results, or Kevin was going to end up in a placement that I loathed... and one that was really inappropriate for him. 

You can bet I got serious really quickly.

I stopped messing around. I stopped dabbling.

And I started learning my parental rights and how to leverage the IEP process in my favor. 

It wasn’t always easy.

I quickly found out that the learning curve is steep when you’re trying to learn about IEPs. 

But I did it. In just about a year, I went from completely stressing about his placement to a desirable one. And, that was kindergarten -- he's in 11th grade now and still in the same placement.


"... the school acknowledged the missing elements and put a lot of them in place."

"It felt so empowering to walk into my son's annual IEP with everything laid out and organized so well, as well as having notes written up and pertinent information at my fingertips. Our team was pleased too!"

 –Patty H., Mom of 2, one with disabilities transitioning to Middle School

"I think your templates for how to write a parents concern letter for inclusion on an IEP is so important. I was able to get my child into one of New York's state-approved private schools after a near two year battle with the NYC Dept. Of Education. I achieved this without attorney representation. I was represented by an attorney for two academic years- not once did the attorney advise me to submit a parent concern letter for inclusion in the IEP. "

 –Erma P.

Skills. Systems. Support.

Find Your "YES!", Faster.

My Don't IEP Academy will provide confidence and keep you feeling empowered preK - 12 (and beyond). It will serve you faithfully over the years and has a proven track record of success.

"You probably get this a lot but I felt that it was still worth saying. I think you are so AMAZING! I’m the mother of a beautiful boy on the spectrum who is currently being assessed for special education preschool. I read your articles and I love your website. I just can’t thank you enough for the work that you do. I’m in tears writing this! I’d be lost without you. Seriously, a million times thank you! I am forever grateful to have you as a resource."

 –Lauren R.


Listen to what other parents say...

TRUE STORY from my friend and neighbor, Anne: "I have listened to Lisa's talks and used her advice for years. Last year, I did specifically what she said, followed her letter templates, and sent it to my IEP team. I swear, they all sat up straighter in their chairs! They knew I meant business and my daughter's IEP got the needed changes."

Jamie A

"I was brand new to the whole IEP process. I had absolutely no idea where to begin. Being able to have all my daughter's educational paperwork all together in a binder is such a lifesaver! "

Berlyn M

"Your product helped me in many ways but to be honest, the biggest role it played in me helping my son was that I didn’t know ANYTHING about IEPs at the time. Therefore, I didn’t know anything was required, that I had rights and that I played a key role in the process. Because of the organizer (and the questions it helped me generate), I went from being a mom whose son never even had an IEP to a mom whose son was approved for a nonpublic school that can meet his needs. I went from being a total rookie to an all star."

Divided by Section to Meet Your IEP Needs

"I am Mom to one son with ADHD and Mild Intellectual Disability. This helped me to learn how to keep track of my son's changing needs and changing IEP plans. It is an awesome tool for staying organized for follow up questions I may need to pose to the IEP team."

 –Cindi M.

What is mastering the IEP Worth to you?

This was first developed in 2015, by me, a Special Education Advocate and IEP Parent.

Since then, it has gone through several revisions, each time with a focus group of parents like you. I want to make the IEP Process easier for you, and take you from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and in control.

If you are an IEP parent, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

May I ask one question before we depart and go our separate ways?

If you only got a clear action plan that helps you feel more organized and in control of your IEP process – would it be worth this investment?

If you said ‘yes’ add the Academy to your cart today. 


Due to the format of this product, there are no refunds on the Don't IEP Alone Academy, except for the first 48 hours after purchase. Both parents and teachers can benefit from this training, as well as agency workers serving children.