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We've been really hard at work here behind the scenes at Don't IEP Alone | ADayInOurShoes. Here is what's new for 2024.

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Attorney Chats

For the Fall 2023 training, I hosted three different attorneys who represent families in the IEP process. Two used to work for school districts. We already have three more lined up to join us in Winter and Spring 2024. Their insight, experience and guidance is invaluable on this journey.

Free Webinars

I want you to hit the ground running in 2024, so in January, I am hosting two webinars. One is primarily for preschool and kindergarten parents. The other is for middle and high school parents. You can register through those links, and they are FREE.

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Registration is open now for the Winter/Spring online advocacy training and live Q&A sessions.


I help parents like you turn those gut feelings about your IEP into action items your team will respond to.

For Beginners to IEP Experts

Everyone is at a different place on their IEP journey.

Each program will help you grow, both personally and professionally. And, get results from your IEP team participation.

IEP Toolkit

Tools to get you started on your path to better advocacy for your child. *New This Year* Video Tutorials.

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Parent Advocacy Training

Lifetime access to online training, support forums, content and more.

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Professional Advocates

You've helped your own child, now you want to help others. Join our Advocacy Mastermind Group.

Hi! I'm Lisa Lightner.

None of us asked to be a part of IEP World, but here we are.  And if you're going to do something, do it well.

But most parents don't know where to begin. That's where I come in.

Over 13 years, I have attended hundreds of IEP Meetings. While our kids may differ, the IEP process never changes. A bit of what I offer:

  • IEP Advocacy Training for Parents and Advocates
  • E-Guides, Tools and Resources for you to maximize your participation.
  • Letter Templates, IEP Goal Banks, and Much More.
  • Support Boards for both Parents and Advocates
  • Specialized Training for those who wish to become Professional Advocates.

Here is what makes me different--

I'm an IEP Parent myself. No, that doesn't make me different. Most advocates are parents. Who would learn this stuff if we didn't have to?

But most training that is community or school-based or comes from agencies--guess what? They sugar coat stuff. They may walk you through statutes and regulations, but they don't tell you how to apply it.

I help parents develop an Advocacy Strategy. One that works no matter what the situation.

"I just want to thank you for all that you do. You help so many kids by helping us parents. I have referred your site to dozens of others; and leverage the information there in all my IEP meetings. "

Beth W., Parent

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I thought your course was AMAZING.  It gave me a fresh new way to look at things and it was very helpful.

Kelly T, Parent